The Impact of Online Chess Training on Player Improvement

Have you been playing chess for some time? Or perhaps you want to advance your skills to become more competitive against high-level players? No matter your situation, our coaches here at IChessU have you covered with online chess training sessions.

As one of the most established and largest online chess schools, we’re trusted by many players to take their skills to the next level. We are your premiere destination for live classes taught by experienced and reputable mentors and coaches who tailor the lessons to your exact requirements. We have a track record of helping our students improve their game, whether they play for fun or competitively.

How do our Chess Lessons Help You Improve?

At IChessU, we understand that every learner has unique learning requirements and preferences. This is why we offer online chess training in groups or as private lessons. We assign appropriate coaches to suit your needs, skill level, and objectives to ensure you can get the most value from our lessons. Our chess club has been providing live lessons from live coaches for years, teaching thousands of adults and children from around the world. Many of our students have even advanced and have won major tournaments.

Play in a conducive and safe space.

Chess requires concentration and minimal to no distractions, so you can think clearly and apply appropriate moves and strategies to beat your opponent. Our online training platform provides a quieter and more organized environment for playing. Plus, we guarantee our students’ safety by keeping our security systems up-to-date.

At IChessU, your online chess training can be a one-on-one session with a coach. You can also choose a group lesson to play with other students or challenge yourself by playing with advanced players.

How IChessU works:

Try training with us by submitting the form today. We’ll discuss your expectations and needs for chess training and schedule a first free lesson. At IChessU, we create custom online chess training plans based on your needs. Your lessons can be from a couple of hours per month or up to 20 hours every month.

When you’re ready, schedule your first free training here. You may also call 1-800-342-0645 or chat with a live chess coach online here if you have other questions.