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Many reasons would motivate you to find a chess coach for your kid. Maybe they have developed a liking for the board game or want to know more about it. Perhaps it is to sharpen their skills to conquer others during contests and tournaments.

IchessU Academy is the best place to get started learning chess for every age, skill level, and budget. Here’s why. Chess is all about skills, and learning from the best in the field can go a long way. IchessU Academy is a platform that has been custom-made to offer chess lessons in a way that is easy for kids to understand. Our services include chess classes for kids and even private chess lessons with one of our coaches.

What you Can Expect from Us

IchessU Academy ensures that chess lessons for kids are made as simple as possible. Accessing the classes is quite easy. By following some steps, you should complete the enrollment phase for your kid and get them started. It’s a very straightforward process and hardly ever do our students require help. Be sure that if you need any help we will immediately offer assistance with no extra charge.

The coaches are professionals who have handled so many students worldwide. We will help you find the ideal coach for you depending on your budget, ambitions, and skill of your child.

And the best part, you can book your first trial lesson entirely for FREE. Therefore, there is zero risk in having chess lessons for your kid with us.

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More About Our Coaches

IchessU Academy works with some of the best of the best. One thing to note about the coaches is that they have great experience in the field. They have excelled at chess on personal levels with various personal achievements to show off to the world. A lot of them are in fact Grandmasters.

Some coaches have excelled in international tournaments and have been in the coaching field for decades. They have great exposure and experience and are the best to inspire the young chess enthusiasts on their road to chess mastery.

The coaches can keep children engaged in the learning process because they are very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and experienced. Some use chess to assist kids in their academic performance.

Why our Coaches Keep Kids Engaged During Online Chess Lessons

However, skill is not the most important factor in having successful chess lessons with kids. Actually, it’s keeping kids engaged.

We all know ADHD is a real epidemic our days and it’s easier for kids to find chess boring. Therefore, tutor selection is critical. A lot of them are specialized in dealing with children, making them the best at it. They have trained so many beginners, kids, and special needs children over the years with tremendous success. So, we are pretty confident that we can make learning fun and interesting for them with minimal or no parental supervision.

What Progress you Can Expect From Chess Lesson for Kids

Choosing chess lessons for kids from IchessU Academy is the best decision you can make. This is especially if you are determined to help them master the most important skills needed in chess. Kids learn different tactics and tricks that are very important when making moves during the game and outsmarting the competitors.

When it comes to chess classes for kids, we make sure all the students have similar ages and skill levels. We also keep the number of students low for learning efficiency. You can expect a noticeable difference every month. That’s the case for the majority of our students. With private chess lessons for kids, you can expect a much quicker improvement compared to chess classes. 

Achievements From our Youngest Students

A quality coach can improve the child’s skill, help them become experts, and teach them all there is to know about the game and much more. We have a lot of cases where our younger have excelled in tournaments.

Actually, if you take a look at our testimonials page you will find several opinions of our younger students about our services.

For IchessU Academy, it is all about passion, and that is why so much success has been achieved. Young learners have perfected their chess skills within a relatively short time and shine in tournaments.

There are cases where young minds have been nurtured into great champions by simply dealing with them as individuals, learning their strong points, and polishing their weaknesses.

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you and the preference of your child if competitive chess is the right thing for his/her young mind. 

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Online Chess Classes For Kids

Anyone can take an online chess class. Beginners and intermediate players alike have benefitted from comprehensive chess lessons. Even kids under the age of 18 are encouraged to sign up for chess classes, with their parents’ approval. 

Beginner-level kids can take either private or group classes from top providers of chess lessons. All they need is a computer, an internet connection, a microphone and speakers to start. 

What are the advantages of private and group chess lessons for kids?

  • Taking chess classes online is incredibly convenient, especially for the younger generation.  

Most kids know how to operate computers by themselves; they can attend class schedules at their own pace right from the comfort of their rooms. Even parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are safe while learning the sport. 

  • Private and group chess classes follow a detailed syllabus.  

The lessons are written by professional tutors who are well-recognized in the world of chess. Each course is tailored to fit the student’s level, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced. 

  • Private and group lessons have the same level of quality. 

The size of the class does not affect how lessons are taught. However, the only difference is that privately-taught students will receive more one-on-one attention from their coaches.  

  • Online Chess lessons are highly successful. 

Some previous students at leading chess schools have pursued the sport professionally, making a name for themselves in the industry. Others are delighted with their lessons, stating that the program was beyond their expectations. 

  • Private chess lessons are affordable.  

You have the freedom to select a level, schedule, and lesson plan that suits your child’s needs. The best private lessons can take up to 20 hours per month at a meager price. On the other hand, group classes are slightly cheaper since there are more students involved. 

Chess is a strategy game involving various pieces, moves, and strategies that may be hard for beginners to grasp. The world-recognized sport takes several years to master. Many of today’s chess grandmasters have been training since they were kids.

Does taking chess lessons in China at an early age make any difference? Find out the importance of online chess classes for kids and teens:

  1. Early childhood education is essential to developing any skill. Children have an immense learning potential; this is why most kids acquire walking, climbing, and multiple languages during the first years of their life. Learning chess isn’t any different, as long as the children are taught in a kid-friendly method.
  2. Chess lessons for kids are taught by coaches who are child-oriented. Thanks to their many years of experience, they know how to teach chess fundamentals simply. Most mentors have international titles and championship medals, ensuring that their teaching methods are world-class.
  3. Online chess lessons are incredibly convenient for children. Since the classes are conducted in a virtual learning space, kids are safe and comfortable in their own homes. Parents can choose a schedule and program that is the most suitable for their children, allowing them to attend lessons at their own pace.
  4. The success rate of online students is high. Students from all over the world have grown to become rising stars in international chess tournaments. Most of these kids started classes at the ages of 7 to 9 and are now recognized for their talents.
  5. Does your child have ADHD? Chess lessons can help them in ways that might surprise you. The game encourages kids with ADHD to develop their focus, memory, patient, ability to resist external provocations, and more.

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Benefits of Online Chess Lessons for Kids

The online chess lessons are a boon for the kids and especially, their parents, who would love to engage their kids in a game, which will tickle their brain cells and keep them alive and active.

The online chess tutorials can help your child to learn all the rudiments of the game and also can teach them to face opponents of any age or skill level. The tutorials provide the children with an able and live tutor, who lets the kids grasp the basics in the first few classes. Once the children become familiar with the various pieces on the board and also the moves they are allowed; the tutors engage them in a live chess game.

Since you have the tutors to oversee what or where your child lags behind and also keeps pointing out the mistakes in their moves, the students start playing with confidence after a few classes.

The online chess tutorials also have several practise games loaded on their portals and insists that the students rehearse them whenever they find time. The practise games, again, are available 24×7. Thus, irrespective of night or day, your child can have a hand at their homework, and enjoy mastering the skill.

With the extraordinary love that the new age kids have for gadgets, computer, tab or smartphone, online chess tutorials are a blessing in disguise for parents. The children can enjoy their time on their computers, and at the same time, the mothers can have the satisfaction of knowing their child is involved in a game of chess, which is highly beneficial to their growing brain cells.

So, give your child the gift of brain power. Enrol in the best chess tutorials online, to make a winner out of them.

In the initial years, people thought of chess more as a game for adults. However, over the years, the emergence of chess prodigies has turned this theory on its head. In fact, the reigning world champion Sven Magnus Carlsen or as he is popularly known, Magnus Carlsen, was a chess prodigy and had become a grandmaster when he was only 13 years old. This further strengthens the theory that chess is a universal game and suitable for all people of all age groups.

Online chess has emerged as the ultimate game for children to develop their minds. The game not only helps them increase their memory power and consequently enhance their IQ but also helps them build up essential character strengths that allow them to emerge as winners in life.

Here’s how online chess helps children:

It increases their concentration levels: Studies have shown that chess helps increase concentration levels in children. With conditions such as ADHD becoming more common among children, having a tool that teaches the importance of focus, concentration and self-discipline enables the children to control their impulsiveness and increase self-control.

It makes them understand the importance of thinking and planning: With most of the children now relying more on television and the internet for instant entertainment, the reliance on old games and ways to spend time that taught valuable life skills have passed on. Kids, nowadays, generically lack the level of thinking abilities and preparedness for life’s challenges that their parents had developed at an early age. All this, however, can be taught by chess. It can teach them about the importance of planning, strategizing, and adapting to changing circumstances without the need of any other teaching aid.

Online classes help kids learn the way they are comfortable: Children today are more comfortable with their desktops, smartphones and tablets than with class-based learning. They are able to learn faster as they discuss the game with their friends and fellow students, and easily learn what has been taught by the trainers and in the teaching modules.

Common Questions

As social distancing becomes the new normal because of the ongoing pandemic, many parents and teachers and looking for ways to keep their kids entertained and occupied. Online virtual chess classes for school kids may be just the escape and the mental challenge they need in these stressful times. There are so many benefits to learning and playing chess online. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re interested in enrolling your child in online virtual chess classes for school kids.

At what age can my child start?

Some kids are capable of learning the basic aspects of the game at just four years old. Generally, kids have to be old enough to know the basic alphabet and count to learn the chessboard squares’ names. The kindergarten age is perfect.

Anyone can learn how to play chess. Even students with disabilities can reap plenty of educational and psychological rewards from chess training.

What are the benefits of online virtual chess classes for school kids?

Online chess training is the safest way to learn the game during this time. These online lessons encourage developing a child’s “higher-order” mental skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking, planning, decision making, and creative thinking. Studies have repeatedly shown that chess practice can improve a child’s general cognitive ability and scholastic achievement, specifically in mathematics.

The benefits go beyond academics, though. Online virtual chess classes for school kids also reinforce effective attributes, including patience, perseverance, and prudence. It underscores the virtues of fairness and honesty. The chess (and the chess community) is civil, following an ethical code that encourages players to be respectful of each other.

There is no doubt that online virtual chess classes for school kids are some of the best programs you can enroll your child in during this coronavirus pandemic and well after it. It’s a great way to ensure that they are having fun while learning safely at home.

Kids are the best learners in any aspect. Any sports or board game can be taught to the kids as they pay the fullest concentration when interested. If your kid is showing immense interest in playing chess then the best method to teach him chess is by choosing a portal to learn chess for kids online.

Why choose an online chess tutorial portal?

It is hard to find time to learn chess and other leisurely activities. Kids also find themselves entangled in the study and other major activities. This is where an online tutorial portal for learning chess is the best way to get trained. Here is why choosing a portal for chess for kids online is a great idea.

  • Best teachers

The first reason for choosing an online portal is to find the best chess tutor with good achievements. It is not easy to maintain the concentration of the kids. It can only be done by an experienced and well-trained chess mentor. This is why the parents often seek online classes to get the best mentors onboard.

  • Remarkable platform

It becomes really easy to explain the moves and functions of the chess pieces due to the elegant features of the chess software used by the portals. The teachers can interact exceptionally to answer all the queries and to teach different moves online.

  • Convenience

There is no need to drive your kid to an online chess class. One-to-one chess coaching can be availed of from the best chess coaches in an online portal. The training portals for chess for kids online will give you the highest convenience in terms of scheduling classes and managing time.


These are the reasons why parents choose training portals for chess for kids online. Scout for the best portal and help your kid to learn chess.