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IchessU Academy offers online chess lessons, privately or in small groups, for any age and at any chess level. 

Our comprehensive chess courses online are based on IchessU’s famous curriculum. Online lessons focus on specific topics such as chess openings, endgames, tactics, and much more. You can check some of our free guides to learn chess here.

Beginner Chess Lessons Plans

No matter where you live, IchessU allows you to reach out to world-class coaches to take chess online lessons in the privacy of your own home.

Our professional chess coaches will tailor a chess plan precisely to your chess level, personal preferences and individual progress goals.


IchessU Chess Academy is proud of its’ hundreds of satisfied students over the years: aged from 5 to 85; from early beginners who just learn chess moves to competitive players need a professional help with a tournament preparations. 

IchessU is always there to assist.  

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IchessU – Your Place to learn chess online for beginner

IchessU is a Chess Academy. While we offer some free guides to learn the game but we focus online chess lessons, privately or in small groups. For kids, adults and seniors. From early recreational beginners to competitive International Masters – you can find them all among our students. We understand that every person is different – our professional chess coaches will tailor a chess program precisely to your chess level, personal preferences and individual progress goals. IchessU is much more than a regular online internet club: taking chess online lessons with IchessU will improve your chess and boost your performance, but also you’ll get many friends from our community, bringing people together by the joy of the chess game.

Chess Lessons for Beginners

IchessU provides a unique online chess learning module that helps beginners to understand this excellent game by covering all lessons step by step. Our expert chess tutors are well versed and experienced as they have the taught the game to numerous beginners, adults and children, many of our trainers have also won major tournaments.

Learning chess online at IchessU can save your time and money as you cut down the time which you waste in traveling to your class. We provide cost effective productive chess training for beginners to help simplify the game of chess for them. Also, taking regular chess classes for beginners can be very expensive, and you can end up getting confused. We provide a comprehensive course that covers all the needful lessons online to help you master the game in no time. 

IchessU is very different from other commercial online chess tutorial schools. We are a community of dedicated professionals who have come together for the joy and love of the game. Chess is a productive game and has numerous benefits as it can raise your IQ, help in exercising both sides of the brain, improve memory, reading skills, enhance concentration, and makes you more creative 

Learn Through Our Own Platform

So, if you are a beginner or novice and thinking of learning this beautiful game of kings. Don’t waste your precious time by going to regular classes and taking lessons. IchessU provides state of the art online web platform which helps you to take live classes from the experts. Hurry up! We are offering new members with their first chess assessment lesson at no charge.

Are you new to chess? Perhaps you have seen someone playing and it got you curious, or you have been introduced to the game when you tried to play it. There may be a lot of books and online material to get you started in learning, but nothing beats having a personal mentor to guide you all throughout. The best way to learn to play chess is with guidance from an experienced and professional chess coach. A lot of coaches specialize in teaching beginners like yourself, and their goal is to help you master the game.

Meet Coaches Ideal for Beginners

Even intermediate and advanced players turn to professional chess coaches for further learning, as chess strategy and tactics continue to evolve. Imagine how these mentors can help you learn to play chess more effectively. These days, it is possible to sign up for classes online and your lessons will be held in a virtual space. Choose between private and group classes, whichever works for you. You will be using a computerized keyboard, which is easier and quicker to setup. This way, you can spend more time learning to play and mastering the concepts than moving and arranging the pieces on the board.

Reputable online chess schools have their own chess platform where lessons can take place. The same virtual venue also lets learners play training games. It may be better for you to learn beginner chess online, especially when you have a busy schedule or you find it challenging to go to an actual venue for classes. You also have more control over the frequency of the lessons, change your plan, or cancel any time. Attending class is easy, and you will be communicating with your chess coach via Skype.

Online chess lessons are open to learners of any age. Adults and children alike can learn to play chess with specialized courses. Courses are also offered to learners with special needs and seniors. This way, chess truly proves itself as a game, which anyone can enjoy.

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Learning chess used to be challenging, especially for beginners. They can either study on their own or enroll in a class where they can be coached personally by professionals. However, both actions can be troublesome if they lack time to attend classes or pick up the books and set up the board. In that case, taking online chess lessons may make more sense to them. If you are a beginner yourself or you are looking for a simpler way to advance your playing skills, online chess lessons for beginners can be a great way to learn and improve at the game at your own pace.

Reputable online chess schools offer flexible classes for beginners regardless of age or profession. They specialize in chess education for everyone, including students with special needs, like those with Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, and ADHD. Online classes can be held in a private classroom or in a small group where individualized instruction is guaranteed. That way, you can make the most of every class and maximize the learning opportunity from online chess lessons. Depending on your budget or preference, you can join a small, medium, or large group.

Coaches at reputable online chess schools are dedicated to chess education, and they specialize in working with players of all ages. Some of the best schools employ famous coaches and chess masters, too. Classes are held exclusively online, so you do not have to worry about driving or commuting to the school. The best chess schools have developed their own online chess learning platforms, with an integrated audio-visual interactive system. That way, you and your coach can literally hear and see each other, as if having face-to-face instruction.  Chess classes online can be convenient if you want a means to learn the game and develop strategies at your own convenient schedule. Classes can be scheduled as often as you want or whenever you are available.