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Testimonials for 2023

I'm so glad that I stumbled upon IChessU after a rigorous search for online chess coaching. My son had gone through several coaches (including Grandmasters) and wasn't making much progress. Alex was so responsive after I contacted IChessU. He was so attentive to my questions and concerns. He perfectly matched my son with John Marble, who is truly a treasure. John's commitment and dedication to his students, as well as his passion for chess, are unparalleled. He takes the time to customize the lessons and focuses on exactly what my son needs. He is also a tremendous source of encouragement. He goes above and beyond, addressing all my questions about tournaments. 2 months after starting with John, my son won his first tournament! We are thrilled to be part of the IChessU family!

More Chess Lessons Testimonials


“Awesome lesson, really enjoyed! John is a godsend, he is such a great guy and such a good teacher I can’t wait for my next lesson!!! I am so happy I joined u guys! That man is a genius, I can’t believe the amount of time he has for low confidence players like me!!!” – Tom Bennett, United Kingdom, 26 years old

“Brilliant lesson once again! Thanks Catalin, think I am almost ready to beat that 1800 computer” – Tony Dunlop, United Kingdom, 41 years old

“I’ve been taking lesson with my coach, John Marble, for the past three and half months. The improvement is amazing. In one month of play in tournament chess. I have gone from a 1000 rating to a 1305 rating. The confidence and guidance that John Marble has given me is beyond words; John and I would look at my games and he’d show me where my thinking was off. He let me talk through my thinking, and did not shut me down… which I enjoy. He provides positive feedback and useful advice, which I have used in my over-the-board play. No matter where you are, in what stage of chess, beginner or advanced. IChessU can help you to improve your game, please check my rating history at will see how much I have improved my tournament games. – Michael A Elwell, USA, 47 years old

“Cocoro won the first place at the regional(Ile de France) qualifications for the French Championship under 8(French calls it “Petits Poussins”). Winning the first prize is so exciting… John is very nice, Cocoro likes very much to work with him.” – Amy Mastumura, Cocoro’s mom, Japan, 7 years old

“I enjoyed the lessons, learned a lot of great tactics and strategy. It’s like having Nimzovitsch on the phone. I think my game is vastly improved. The lessons have done me a lot of good. My compliments to Martin, he is a superb instructor and a good guy. I am glad I found your school and look forward to more lessons.” – Maria Rodionov, Russia, 36 years old

“Great lesson, I feel a bit foolish to repeat myself telling every time how instructive the last lesson was. But, that is the plain truth. The efficiency of the lessons by far surpass what one can obtain from chess books. What’s more, on the basis of the lessons, reading chess books is like reading a completely new story. What seemed rather dry and dull material becomes juicy. To me, the best way to really learn chess, not just fool around with the pieces. Just continue working! Plow and it will pay off!” – Michael Schalit, Israel, 70 years old

“I am very happy with Voja and his lessons. He’s a very good and very patient teacher. I feel I have improved my level and want to go on like that.” – Manuele Facchini, Italy, 38 years old

“Just got my new rating it 1305, up from 1000. It all due to the help I have received from your coaching. Thank you!!!! – Michael A Elwell, USA, 47 years old

“THANK YOU so much for all your help with Arissa. This is beyond what we expected going in to Western States with only 4 tournaments under her belt. We’ve always known that she is one special girl and we thank you for also believing in her. She had a great time and she’s got a trophy bigger than her. She is thrilled and she can’t wait for next season.” Shey and Rommel, parents of Arissa Torres, USA,8 years old

“John is a gifted teacher, wonderful with children, and that opinion grows with each lesson he presents. I’m very happy I found IChessU. You really cannot substitute for a one-on-one teaching experience, for a child. He teaches me how to be better at teaching my own son. I find these session are very good for exciting my son’s mental ability. I could not be more pleased with how my experience with IChessU has been so far. For a parent that can afford the tuition, I believe they owe it to their children. I feel as though my son has found a new and exciting friend in John Marble, and since I watch while he takes his lessons, John is able to give me assides which add value to the lesson, in that they teach me how to play chess productively with Zachary, my son.It is stunning for me to watch my own son sprout in his maturity and chess ability in just a few short months with John and IChessU. Many thanks for all that you do to make IChessU available to Kids, young and old. It truly makes a difference in people’s lifes.My son played Elaine Baker from Napa Valley, this evening – he lost that game, but he couldn’t have been more mature in the loss. This is startling for me to observe of my son, who is always thinking of himself, as children naturally do. Despite his loss, he managed to execute a pin, and a fork on both rooks on the eigth rank, just prior to being checkmated. I mean, he saw these possibilities, and then proceeded to execute a plan, that brought them about. Imagine my pride and joy at my son’s accomplishment. He will shortly be the best chess player in our home, and I look forward to that day when I no longer challenge him. Also thanks to the IchessU Chess School management, for their attention to our program, it makes me feel very much in good hands.” Kyle Smith, USA, father of Zachary, 4 years old

“When I have joined IchessU my level was around 1100. Today I am beating 2100 players and constantly playing in national tournaments and other events” –Curtis Jones, USA, 43 years old

“IchessU helped me to gain a better understanding of positions. Now I only need to implement this knowledge in my tournament games.” – Rodrigo Kreiss, Brazil, 36 year old

“I enjoyed the lesson about pinning very much. It was explained thoroughly and I believe my chess game will improve immediately because of learning the value of the pin. I am both humbled by my ignorance and excited about learning. Thank you for your patience and for giving me the opportunity to learn.” – Greg Way, USA, 44 years old

“John went to a tournment for the first time, and won 1st place – only due to his great coach, International Chess Master Vlado Jakovljevic” – Lin, mom of John Zhang, USA, 8 years old

“Drew is preparing for the 2008 USCF Junior National Tournamant. Also, Drew won 3rd place in the Oklahoma State grade 6-9 primier section last Weekend. Between rounds Drew said something that really caught my attention. He said that he’s starting to recognize familiar postion patterns that he has studied with Vlado!” – Jerry Cottrill, father of Drew Cottrill, USA, 15 years old

“The class was great! I also think its at the right level for me. The material will definitely extend me. All explainations were clear. All in all very enjoyable and definitely what I’m looking for.” – Ryan Stevens, South Africa, 27 year old

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my hurt for the time you spent with me, your flexibility and the fact that all this time you were very supporting. I really felt that you want my success!” – Gadi Markovich, Israel, 39 years old

“My chess rating is now 1500 a goal I have had since I started playing” – Tim Cunningham, USA, 55 years old

“Actually, this was the best class I have had so far. Going over my games helps immensely. Vlado was most impressive to me today, and is very appreciated.” – Rockford Watson, USA, 34 years old

“Dear teacher, thanks a lot I`ve got 1st place again in the last tournament 12/2/06, K-6 department. Planning to go to K-8 dept. next month, hopeful to get another trophy.
Thank you for teaching me, I really appreciate, anyway I wish you are here so i can Invite you on my B-day party this comming sunday. I`ll be 9 y/o. Your student, Iryll” – Iryll Roberto, USA, 9 years old

“IchessU coach John has been an absolute inspiration over the last year or so and my playing has improved a lot! I am starting to get fluid with all the ideas in the game of chess and experience playing with all these ideas will further my improvement! Thank you Mr.Marble! – Kavitha Chebiyyum, India, 36 years old

“Believe me when I say that John Marble is far and away the best chess teacher I have ever had. We enjoyed speaking about many things other than chess and John always gave me more than my money’s worth. IchessU offers a great service with clear, organized lessons, which is rare.” – Mario Riviera, USA,41 years old

“Just wanted to tell you that I’m extremely happy with John as a coach. I feel that in the two days with John, I have learned alot more than the prior four lessons. Thank you very much!!! I am really happy and pleased now.” – Gonzalo R. Guerrero Brito, Columbia, 34 years old

“I am learning a lot!” – Joe Norsworthy, USA, 46 years old

“Just wanted to let you know I came second in the Queensland State Chess Championships. I held a draw with an international master (2401) in the final round. Vlado would kill me if he saw the final position because I was completely winning. We both only had a minute left on our clocks so I was nervous to press to hard. He won’t be so lucky in the future ” – Ryan Stevens, South Africa, 28 years old

“The coach I am assigned has an impressive chess resume. I feel fortunate to receive tutelage from such an accomplished player. Thank you.” – Greg Wang, USA, 44 years old

“I did not enjoy learning like this since I was a little kid! Huge thank you to Alex for his dedication and efforts. ” – Danny Morris , USA, 69 years old

“Wonderful lesson. What can i say John Marble is the best teacher ever.” – Jonathan Thomas, UK, 45 years old

“When I started to attend IchessU my knowledge of chess was very basic: how to move each piece and a bit off game play. After few lessons I am starting to understand logic behind chess. I even started to win some games. My teacher Vlado is really great. I never met someone with so much patience. He will answer all questions and never make you feel not good enough. There is no question that is no important how small or how stupid it might sound. Then there is Alex. He will make sure that everything is up to your convenience. If any of you is thinking of learning or improving your game with all my hurt I recommend IchessU. I felt so welcomed the first day. ” – Adrianna Jemielita, 30 years old

“Playing on Fritz, my rate has gone up 200 points” – Manuele Facchini, 39 years old

“John is a very helpful mentor…and a really nice guy. I will be telling my friends and family about IchessU…” – Colin James, USA, 23 years old

“I enjoyed the lessons, learned a lot of great tactics and strategy. The lessons are fascinating. I think my game is vastly improved. My compliments to Vlado, he is a superb instructor and a good guy. I am glad I found your school and look forward to more lessons.” – Charles Reinhorn, USA, 67 years old

“Vlado is a definitely a gifted instructor and we appreciate his patient and focused teaching style. Drew learned a great deal and enjoyed his weekly lessons. We were certainly blessed to meet Vlado and wish him success at Ichess, in addition to all future endeavors!” – Jerry Cottrill, father of Drew Cottrill, USA, 15 years old

“John is a great coach!!! He teaches excellent and has a great personality.” – Kenneth Johnson, USA, 28 years old

“The One to One lessons have taught me so much! I really felt that the attention was 100% on my improvement and my improvement alone!! Eagerly awaiting the homework !!!” – Cristopher Basson, United Kingdom, 54 years old

“I am very pleased with IchessU Chess School organized, positive teaching style. Kieran looks forward to his lessons and loves the “homework”.It’s a wonderful opportunity for a home-educated child from a rural location to be able to meet with a chess instructor of IchessU Chess School calibers via the internet. I would highly recommend this learning opportunity to anyone but especially to home-educated children.” –Yvette Emerson, Canada, Mom of a 10 years old Kieran

“John is an extra ordinary, marvelous teacher. I think of him as a genius, when he is able to make me understand certain moves and terminology about chess. Almost every new lesson seems to be better and the best. He always goes that extra mile and really cares about teaching. I am learning the exciting attacks and defenses in the Fried Liver Attack right now John has me making moves that totally go against my way of thinking – I noticed that this kind of learning helps me, while I am playing my online regular games.There is so much to learn and so little time, but I am very happy with my accomplishments in chess. Elaine Baker, USA, 68 years old

The lessons are great; example games help with imagining how to play. The coach always spends extra time with me and I appreciate that. ” – Jim Bedenbaugh, USA, 52 years old

“John Marble as a Chess Coach of extraordinary talent, most significantly his interpersonal skills which are exceptional (my son loves him), and his ability to make teaching Chess so much more than simply helping his students play good Chess. He teaches personal responsibility for your decisions and promotes good sportsmen like behavior, regardless of the outcome. My son has made a great deal of progress in all these areas, such as can be expected of a four year old. John is really amazing! He catches every significant swing in the engines positional evaluation, but then added the value of an explanation, that only an excellent coach can provide. I have only praise for the patience and mental faculties of our instructor, John Marble. He is very willing to listen, when appropriate, so that he maintains control of the lessons, but gives my son the ability to express himself. John is also adept at switching gears from child instructor to parent advisor; i.e., he provides me with observations about my son’s progression, and ways in which I can teach my son offline, such that John improves my capacity to teach my son on my own. Studies at IchessU are worth every penny.” Kyle Smith,USA, father of Zachary, 4 years old

“Alixaendra had a great time with John during her session. He is one of a kind! His patience, humour, encouragement, and incredible ability to relay important points in an easy to follow format is very impressive! Ethan adores John and as Alix watched some of the sessions and saw how much fun they were having she wanted to join in! She gets a kick every time John responds to a move by saying – Well I better cancel Christmas? Thanks for setting this up for us!” – Lolo Eggett, Canada, father of Alixandra, 6 years old and Ethan, 8 years old

“John Marble is my all time favorite teacher. He makes learning chess, fun and has the ability to keep me wanting to learn more. John is always available for any questions or problems with my homework through email. It is so wonderful to be able to learn why I am making certain moves and also how to defend against them. He has a great way of getting me to understand my lessons even though, I think I cannot learn another thing. I am sure without chess lessons I would no longer be playing chess.I realize now that I can learn much more than I ever thought possible and that one is capable of learning chess at any age. Thank you Alex for providing a great platform tool at IchessU for learning chess. My next step is to take advantage of playing chess real time on IchessU. What can i say John Marble is the best teacher ever.”-Elaine Baker, USA, 68 years old