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Chess is very cerebral, and concentration and adaptability are a must. Some people show great aptitude in the game and are serious about learning more. If you are interested in learning more about the game, stay motivated and push on to be even better. The best thing is that chess lessons are available for everyone. There are lessons for kids, adults, and even the elderly.

If you or anyone close to you loves chess, the best way to improve and grow is to find them a great chess trainer. This guarantees that progress will be more consistent and that skill levels improve with time. A good chess trainer becomes an invaluable resource and can make a huge difference in your learning curve.

Why Having a Chess Coach Guarantees Progress

Chess cannot be compared to normal class subjects. In chess, things are done a little differently. While it can be easy to teach the basics of a game and the game rules but helping the student make solid progress and be a master in the game is a whole different story.

Basically, a trainer notices your weaknesses and improves them. This process takes place on a consistent basis because he/she is your trainer and not just offering chess lessons which is also one of our services.

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While you can opt for chess-related activities, games, and apps, they are supplementary at most. It’s very clear chess trainer gives way more than that. Today, it is possible to get trained straight from the comfort of your home. It’s a great way to be and remain competitive if you engage in tournaments.

An online chess trainer can add great value to your child’s learning life, allowing him or her to enhance skills and knowledge without the typical pressures of a traditional classroom learning environment. By allowing your child to receive instruction right in the comfort of your own home, you help them learn at a pace that will maximize their ability to improve and progress, but not without the help of the right online chess trainer. How do you make sure you are getting the best value for the money you are paying your online chess tutor? Here are things you should keep in mind as you seek out the best person to teach your child chess online:

  • Your skill and knowledge level There are chess trainers that specialize in teaching complete beginners as well as those who might be more inclined to teach more experienced players. Gauge your skill level so as to match him or her with the right online chess trainer. Just because a trainer is great in the game, doesn’t mean that he or she is skilled in passing on the knowledge to a complete novice.
  • The trainer’s specialty Some trainers may also specialize in certain areas of training. While others may focus on teaching young learners and beginners, others are trained to work with world championship contenders and title holders, and some trainers are skilled in working with children with special needs. Choosing the right online chess trainer can help your child achieve his or her goals.
  • The programs scope and schedule Choose a chess program that can be tailored to your needs, from the right lessons and topics to convenient scheduling. The best programs can be tailored to accommodate your unique schedule so as not to interfere with other activities your child might be involved in.

Why you Should Trust IchessU Academy

IchessU Academy and its website chesscoachonline.com offer some of the best chess lessons through a platform that has been custom-made to meet the needs of learners for more than a decade! This is a place where you get a chance to meet some of the best chess trainers with many years of experience.

There are coaches for every skill level, age, budget, and ambition in the world of chess. Depending on your requirements we will find the right trainer for you here and start your first lesson for FREE!



IchessU Academy is very passionate about chess, and our main aim is to improve the skills that you have already. The best thing about this site is that they treat everyone as an individual, meet them at their level and work from there. Our trainers are masters in the field and have trained so many other people with great results.

Getting a tutor is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. IchessU Academy has some of the best chess trainers who have assisted so many learners into becoming pros in the game. Having a good tutor guiding you is such a great asset.

Achievements from Students of IchessU Academy

Getting a chess trainer is one of the best things you can do for yourself. This is especially if you want to perfect the game. IchessU Academy is a great platform to learn and get all the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the game. Once you decide to get a chess trainer, it is far more likely to stay motivated so that you can achieve favorable results.

A large number of our students have excelled in tournaments. A couple of them were international. It’s pretty much apparent if you take a look at our testimonials page.

Most people who have taken lessons at IchessU Academy have not just learned the basics of the game. In fact, they were taught in a well-thought-out and organized way customized to the student’s needs.

Additional Benefits of Having a Chess Trainer

There are a lot of benefits of having a trainer consistently helping you evolve in chess. It’s like taking your mind for training at the gym. This is extremely useful for kids and the elderly. The reason why having a chess trainer is a good idea includes:

Boosting brainpower: the game enhances cognitive skills, especially when it is played regularly as the brain develops. It is one of the best games that boost a developing brain.

Chess is a great way of changing the way people think and helps learners focus better and better, even over a long time. Apart from that, it can reduce risks associated with health conditions like Alzheimer’s. Sports improve physiology, and the body gets better with exercise. In the same way, chess is great at improving brain health because of the cognitive effort needed to master it. Since the brain is occupied, players rarely get anxious. This is good for everyone. 

Problem-solving skills: solving problems may be frustrating. By learning skills associated with chess, you learn problem-solving skills. For players to be successful, they need to be fast thinkers. It is important to adapt to the moves of each player you encounter in real-time and always be a step ahead of them. It is important to always anticipate the next move.

Good manners: chess is very clear when it comes to rules, and at the end of each game, it is clear who won the game and who lost. There are chances of a stalemate too. You get accustomed to both victory and defeat by winning and losing, which is an amazing skill for kids. Chess is one of the best ways to teach how to deal with big wins and losses as well. Consistent training in tournaments helps the people learn to be graceful in defeat and humble in victory.

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Characteristics of Good Chess Tactics Trainers

Having a personal chess trainer is an effective way to accelerate your learning and master the beginner moves quickly. A professional providing you with one-on-one instructions and giving feedback on your game will surely make a significant difference in your progress. However, the essential and winning aspect here is to find the right chess trainer for you. If you are already in the market for a chess trainer, consider applying these tips.

1. Choose a trainer with relevant teaching experience.

Teaching chess offers a different kind of challenge. After all, it is more than just transferring knowledge. For many players, it’s often more difficult than playing the sport. So, don’t choose a trainer just because that person is good at playing chess. Choose one who is trained and experienced in teaching and mentoring students.

2. Find a grandmaster

Aside from having teaching experience, a reliable coach will have playing experience. You don’t probably need a grandmaster for a coach. But if you are allowed to train under a grandmaster, then grab the chance. A trainer with a high chess player rating will have a lot of input to offer to a new player. You can learn not only the techniques in mastering the moves, but you will also get inspired by the grandmaster’s story of success.

3. Ask about other qualifications.

Does the trainer have experience in joining and winning chess tournaments? Can the coach provide a teaching certification? It’s always a good practice to look for documents or proof that support claims before hiring a chess instructor.

What Kind of Online Chess Training Can You Receive 

Having an online chess trainer can make a massive difference in the quality of your learning. You will learn chess better and faster when a real person is teaching you than when you watch pre-recorded video tutorials online. A good chess trainer can also ensure that all lessons will be engaging and challenging yet fun. Here’s how your online chess trainer can ensure interactive chess lessons.

Attend a virtual classroom with other students

Chess trainers online use a platform such as chess learning software to teach concepts and tactics and provide feedback to their students. The software comes with virtual classrooms where students of different ages from different parts of the country or even the world can learn together. You will be able to see, hear, and interact with your classmates. This way, you can feel like you are really in the classroom.

Live chat

Discussing a specific topic with your trainer or with another coach or student will give you insights and a better understanding of the game. That’s why online chess learning platforms have a ‘live chat’ feature. During the lesson or while observing a game, you can chat with the entire class or with your chess trainer to share your thoughts or ask questions.

Preparation for Chess Tournaments

Since you will hone your skills more through practice, your chess trainers will encourage you to play chess against other students who are at the same level. Outside chess lessons, you may still be able to join tournaments or challenge players.

Real-time coaching

Your chess trainer will watch how you play chess while taking note of your every move. This way, he or she can provide constructive feedback, identifying your mistakes and telling you which specific moves you should have taken instead. This real-time evaluation will help you better understand your game and find the areas where you need to improve.

Final Thoughts

Knowing basic chess moves, rules, and strategies is only the first step to learning to play chess by heart and really mastering the game. Fortunately for aspiring grand masters, online chess tutorials are widespread these days, offered by coaches and chess training online program providers whose goal it is to help willing learners improve their skills and advance in their ranking or level.

There are many ways by which beginners can learn basic to advanced chess moves and improve on their chess skills. Online chess tutorials are a good place to start. By enrolling your child in a formal course or an online class, learning to play chess will be easier as online chess coaches are trained to provide effective instruction to any type and level of student. Online tutorials come in a wide variety of styles and formats. Some online coaches offer one-on-one training, while others allow group sessions. Those who learn faster by playing an actual game will also benefit from online coaching that allows live matches and practice rounds.

Online resources also allow for chess exercises outside of classes and tutorial sessions. Many online chess tutorials and coaching programs offer materials that students can use in order to hone their skills and improve their knowledge of chess moves and strategies. Educating students about classic chess tactics and strategies helps them formulate their own game play, which makes them masters of their own game.

Playing games over and over is a great way to learn chess moves. This is why it is best to find online chess tutorials that include a good amount of practice time. Learning chess theory wouldn’t be as valuable if you don’t know how to use the moves and strategies you have learned in a real game. Find a chess coach who takes time to sit down with you in a real match and encourages you to practice playing in between tutorials.