About IchessU

What is IchessU?

IchessU stands for International Chess University. In simple words we are an online entity that specializes in chess education. We teach kids, teens, juniors and adults. We work with special needs populations, such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s and similar. IchessU teaches in groups and private classroom settings. You can be part of large, medium or small group, depending on your budget. Private lessons are also very popular. All classes are online and using our own developed Chess Learning Platform and in house built Audio/Video interactive system. This system allows students and coaches to literally see and hear each other as they were sitting in the same living room.

Our product

IchessU product is online chess classes. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what is your age or how much can you afford to spend on chess, you will be able to find a class in our chess school. Thanks to the internet, it allows us to reduce the costs for you and make it affordable in almost any country. We have developed a universal chess curriculum  that is used by our coaches and proven itself.

Our coaches

IchessU accepts only coaches who dedicate themselves to chess education. We hire coaches who specialize in working with kids, adults and of course different chess levels. We count among our staff, famous coaches of world championship contenders, national title holders, and youth in contention for national titles. Vast majority of our students achieve their goals in chess and very happy with the chess studies at IchessU – read their testimonials. IchessU is very involved in projects for special needs populations. Projects included: Kids with ADD and ADHD, Adults with Alzheimers, and people with Autism and Bi-Polar disorder. IchessU is also very involved in projects with special needs populations. Projects included: Kids with ADD and ADHD, Adults with Alzheimers, and people with Autism and Bi-Polar disorder. IchessU has helped and will help many people with their disabilities.

What differentiates us from others?

IchessU vs. local coaches – Local coaches are usually very expensive. They have to drive to you, they don’t have many local students hence chess teaching is more of a hobby for them rather than a profession. On average, our classes are 50% cheaper than face to face lessons with an equivalent level chess coach.

IchessU vs. Online Chess sites – To date, IchessU is the only real chess school online. There are many playing zones, but these don’t compete with us as they simply concentrate on providing a place where people can play chess. But what about people who lose and want to improve? What about people who don’t know chess? They turn to us. There are also a few chess sites that send videos or e-books if you become their member. Again, these sites in no way compete with us… Books and videos are no substitute for a human instructor who can work with you personally and answer your questions. Our chess coaches, special audio/video interactive system, and on-line chess teaching platform make IchessU a leader in the World Chess Education market.

IchessU in general – IchessU is a great company to be a part of. Our chess coaches do what they love to do without leaving their home. Our virtual environment is a platform, with its audio and streaming video can support large groups as easily as small ones. Our students save money because they need not travel to attend a chess lesson.

How can you benefit from IchessU?

  • Take fully interactive online chess lessons
  • Learn chess strategy and advance your chess level
  • Improve brain abilities through the chess game
  • Follow online chess activities
  • Watch online chess events coverage
  • Chat chess with people all over the world
  • Have fun playing online chess games
  • Enjoy audio and video while playing chess
  • Play online chess games with real chess masters

International Chess University students range from small kids to aged adults. You are not too old, nor too young to attend IchessU. If you can move a mouse, you can participate in our chess classes.