Chess Tutorials & Programs for Beginner at IchessU

Anyone can join IchessU the International Chess School! All the classes and tutorials are provided by experienced and well-respected chess tutors. International Chess School offers variety of tutorials, addressing a wide range of variety of students.. addressing needs in areas like: chess playing level, time and money.

There are International Masters and Grandmasters certified tutorials available for all chess levels. Chess tutorials are very important if you want to take your game to a better level. From beginners to masters, IchessU offers chess classes and tutorials sure to help improve your game. And, with IchessU’s online flexibility, you can choose: study group size, the number of formal chess training hours per month, the most convenient meeting schedule, and even the chess lesson subjects within the chess program. At IchessU, we tailor fit your training regimen to fit your needs.

Our chess class follow a detailed syllabus, written by professional chess tutors and we tailor to fit the chess tutorials your level.

Important: The size of the group does not affect the quality of the chess lesson. The same chess tutorials can be offered to all group sizes. The only difference is the amount of personal attention a student will get.

Computer Requirements

  • A fairly modern computer,
  • An internet connection
  • A microphone and speakers
  • A webcam (optional)

Experience in Chess

If you are a true chess beginner, never played or, perhaps you only know how the pieces move, then we recommend our beginner classes. The only requirements are your computer, and a willingness to learn chess and have fun.

Intermediate chess players can not just pick a class in the intermediate or advanced chess levels. We ask you supply IchessU with your player rating. We can use the ratings supplied by your school, national chess affiliate, or even one from your favorite online chess playing site. If your chess rating is unknown, you can take the online chess test or ask our chess tutors to evaluate your playing skill and suggest a chess course level.

IchessU is an education place; we encourage our members to improve their chess, although it is not necessary to take chess lessons to be a paying member. You can use the chess platform to play games, write a blog or solve chess puzzles completely free.

To join IChessU, you must be 18 years of age or older. Signing up for chess lessons requires a payment method, such as a credit card. If you are under 18, have your parent, guardian, or responsible adult enroll you. If computer skills are an issue for the responsible adult, you may operate the computer and then have him or her enter their credit card information in the appropriate location to establish your account.

After School Programs

Learning chess online might bring out some questions in the minds of parents who want the best for their kids. However, it is true that for those kids who have never played a game of chess, learning the basics from IChessU can be a great help. In the amazing masterclass for kids, they will be able to learn all the basic tricks and tips to checkmate their opponents in the game of chess.

We offer fantastic after school programs for the kids who want to learn the game of chess or want to improve their game skills. If you have already played the game then this amazing program will be a great help when it comes to improving the techniques of the game in the best way!

Take Chess Lessons Today with Our After School Programs

Not to mention that it also enhances your strategy-building capabilities as well. Chess is a very popular game among kids these days as it helps in the development of cognitive abilities. So, learning chess from the experts can actually be a great thing, right? Well, you won’t have to worry about anything because the coaches here will guide you on all the basics as well as the advanced level tricks to use in this game.

Get your kids enrolled for the program now so that they can make better use of their time after school. The students will be provided with a relaxing and fun environment where they will easily be able to learn chess, play with other kids, compete and just have fun. Now is your chance to have your child enroll with the most popular online chess program. With the help of our after-school coaches, students will be able to learn the game, master the strategies and tactical vision. Get a faster, easier, and interactive way of learning all the tactics of chess to become a master in the game today!! Please email us at [email protected] to start your IchessU journey!

How to Prepare for School Tournaments

Are you preparing to compete in a chess school tournament? Whether this is your first or your fifth time, we have some tips for you:

1. Practice. The best way to prepare for and excel in chess school tournaments is to practice regularly, ideally every day. This is why some of the best-rated players in the world enroll in online chess classes and join online chess games tutorial beginner, taking advantage of the chance to play and practice with all kinds of players in a convenient platform without physically going to a venue.

2. Solve tactics. If this is your first-time joining chess school tournaments or haven’t been to one in a while, you should warm up by solving tactics. Such exercises can do wonders for stimulating the mind and encouraging sharp and dynamic thinking. This can also help you become more confident.

3. Review your repertoire or openings. Think about your weaknesses. Decide on the lines you want to play and memorize them to play them confidently if they show up on the board. This can save you a lot of energy and time important in playing well.

4. Prepare your body. Yes, chess is a game of the mind, but you also have to be fairly fit to compete in chess school tournamentsAsk yourself: Are you physically and mentally prepared to keep your composure? Games can be very long something 6 hours or more. You need a fit body for your mind to work well. If you can’t bear the tension of sitting on a chair for hours and hours every day, you will succumb to blunders. So prepare your body as you prepare your mind. Jogging and taking long walks are effective.

How Learning Chess Benefits Kids

Are you looking for something your kids can do at home when school is over? If you want them to have fun while learning skills that can help improve their cognitive abilities, it’s worth looking at after school chess programs. Here’s why:

It’s available online:

After school chess programs are available online if you want to continue practicing social distancing during this time of a health crisis. Your kids can learn in your home’s safety and comfort while making new chess friends and playing with other kids in a secure and monitored virtual environment.?

Chess encourages abstract thinking:

A good online chess instructor teaches students how to step back and see the bigger picture. Kids are also taught how to transfer patterns in one context to a different (but related) situation.

It teaches kids how to plan:

Chess lessons show kids how to make longer-range goals and how to take steps to accomplish these goals. After school chess programs it also teach them how to re-evaluate plans as new developments alter the scenario.

Chess instills logic and analysis:

Chess allows the ability to evaluate the results of a series of outcomes and actions. Kids learn to ask if a sequence can help or hurt them, ultimately realizing that better decisions often stem from logic instead of impulse.

It develops the ability to create multiple lines of thought:

After school chess programs, encourage students to think outside the box instead of being overly absorbed in certain details or considerations, they learn how to simultaneously weigh various factors a skill that can serve them today and later on in life.

It’s social:

Chess lessons, even those that are done online, bringing kids together from around the world. Your kid will be exposed to children of different races, genders, and ages in a safe environment managed by experienced chess teachers. This game can help kids form great friendships, encourage camaraderie, and support healthy sportsmanship and competition.

If you are thinking of enrolling your children in afterschool classes to improve in chess, congratulations, you are making a smart move. Chess is not just a wonderful brain-booster for kids who want to excel academically, it’s also very good for kids who have problems focusing on schoolwork.

Encourage focus

When children improve in chessthey also learn how to concentrate and carefully observe and these are skills they can take with them into adulthood. After all, chess is about watching as much as it is about strategizing. Players need to watch the other player’s moves and respond accordingly.

Learn the skill of visualization

Chess lessons teach kids to imagine sequences of actions before they even happen. This teaches them how to visualize as they move the pieces in their head to predict outcomes.

Inspire critical thinking

To improve in chess means to learn how to identify opportunities and weigh options, considering the benefits and disadvantages of various alternatives before acting.

Learn thoughtfulness

Chess classes don’t just help kids improve in chess. Chess instructors also teach their students how to think first before acting. Kids learn how to visualize what might happen due to something and how they can best respond. This ultimately helps them develop patience and the ability to think several steps ahead.

Learn Chess Through Our Online Platform

Online learning environments have been changing for the better over the last decade, to the benefit of modern learners who prefer receiving instruction through unconventional means. Online chess tutorials for beginners offer great opportunities for learning, especially for those who want to improve their skills, but may not have the time or the capacity to go through actual, physical training in traditional chess clubs and schools. Fortunately, there are all kinds of online resources that can provide willing learners with the tools and mediums they need to enhance their skills. Below are more reasons why you should allow your child to watch online chess tutorials and take online chess lessons:

  • More and more chess schools are sharing training courses online, providing students and learners more flexibility as they strive to improve their skills and knowledge in the game. In fact, online learning is becoming more widely practiced in almost all fields, making it a potent means to pass on knowledge. If you are looking for an alternative way to help your child learn chess, online tutorials can make a great difference in their learning habits.
  • Online chess tutorials are designed to help students learn in the most efficient manner. They allow ideas to be presented in visually engaging ways and using the most practical methods, ranging from actual game demonstrations to more engaging ways of presenting key ideas and principles.
  • Finally, online chess tutorials provide a way for students to learn at their own pace, taking in each lesson, topic, or chapter as they gauge their own capacity to learn. Online tutorials can be in the form of coach-aided lessons or video lessons that serve as aids in teaching and practicing different chess techniques, strategies, and principles that can be useful in helping a player improve his or her game and personal technique or game style.

Final Thoughts

Each move in a game of chess is crucial, and can take us directly to the enemy territory or keep us safe on a protective square. Whether we are playing to keep ourselves motivated and entertained or preparing for a tournament, it is essential to learn the basics such as a killer opening or saving our king from attack. Thanks to the online chess tutorials, one can now learn the expert moves by watching these videos any time of the day.

The online chess tutorials are designed by the experts to provide clear and concise instructions about the moves. From the opening move onwards, the trainer’s advice on the options, one can use to make it a successful game. Each move is strategized and devised by experts.

Although chess is a game where one needs to build their own plan of action, the tutorials can help us pick the best moves in the opening to make the most of the game. With a coach guiding and showing what can happen in the next move, or how the game can change altogether, the online chess tutorials are a great way to gain enough knowledge about chess.

The best part of these tutorials is that they can be revisited anytime we want, and can help us practice games at our convenience. The online chess tutorials for beginners can provide us with an expert game anytime, anywhere, instead of troubling our friends and family to practice upon.

There are again several virtual chess coaching classes which have tutorials uploaded to their sites. One can check out the videos for free, or take one session with them without cost, to understand how they work, before enrolling. Hence, if we are looking at ways to improve our skills, online chess tutorials are our best bet today.