Student Tools

Ichessu is a multi-functional website where you could play chess matches, solve interesting positions. On the dashboard page, you can play with computers rated from 1300-2300, you can analyze the games of other people and you can challenge other people to a chess match. Then, if you go to the chessboard page, you will have a few buttons that you will be able to use.

  1. The “rotate the board” button here allows you to flip the board so that you can think/play for both sides of the board.
  2. The “marker” button let’s you draw different coloured arrows and outline certain boxes on the board.
  3. The “custom” button allows you to create any position that you want/desire.
  4. The “current” button let’s you make a copy of the board you were practicing on.
  5. The “default” button allows you to create the starting position of the chessboard.
  6. The “upload” button allows you to upload a PGN file to the chessboard.
  7. Last but not least, your moves that are played, will be able to be seen on the left side of the page.
  8. Finally, this is a “timer” which could be used during a chess match.

Some Things to Remember:

If you are ever playing a chess match, please do not play very quickly because the faster you play, the less time you have to think about your next move, play your game at a moderate pace.

If you are planning to improve in your gameplay, we have different coaches that can fit your level, and if you are looking for the prices of the lessons, you can visit the pricing page.