Some Tips for Making Your Child Love Chess

Chess is a game that involves a lot of analytical thinking. Playing chess has many benefits in addition to recreation. That is why if your children like to play chess, you must encourage them and help them improve in the game. Many kids enjoy moving pieces before they even know the rules of the game. Most of them are not interested in reading books to improve their understanding of the game.

As a parent, you can start introducing the basics of the game. Once they have an idea of the moves of each piece, you can show them the basic strategies to move the pieces effectively. It is obvious to get excited when your child starts playing chess, however, refrain from pushing them to play chess. They should play chess only when they want to.

Children can start learning chess from a very young age, even at the age of 2. In the beginning, it does not matter how well they are playing or how many moves they have learned. Just let them develop a pure love for the game.

Here are a few ways to encourage your children to play chess:

One of the simplest ways to encourage your children to play chess is by playing chess in front of them. Children love to imitate the adults in everything and when they see their parents or elder siblings playing chess, they would definitely pay attention to the game.

The second way would be to spend some quality time with them while playing chess. Whenever you have some spare time, invite your children to a game of chess. Children love to get attention and when you play with them, they would be more eager to learn the game to have more opportunities for interacting with you.

Another way your children will look forward to playing chess would be when you reward them playing it correctly. You can reward them verbally or with a tiny prize like a cookie or chocolate when they make the right move or implement the strategy you taught them. They would also be more willing to learn new tactics.

The benefits of playing chess for children are way more than you imagine. Various studies have proven that playing chess improves attention span, concentration and spatial reasoning ability in kids. While playing chess, kids tend to think a lot, and that helps in improving their concentration. It also helps children in developing problem-solving skills. Playing chess may not turn your kid into a grandmaster, but it can help develop several abilities and good qualities in him.