The Queen’s Gambit: A brilliant miniseries for all chess aficionados to watch

Are you a chess aficionado? Do you like to test your skills and emotions while being challenged in a chess game? Here is something you can find quite interesting and encouraging. Netflix has launched a miniseries named. The Queen’s Gambit. It is an American drama that started streaming on 23rd October 2020. The story is based on the timeless classic novel. The Queen’s Gambit? (1983) written by Walter Tevis.

The Storyline

The name of this miniseries is truly remarkable. It is based on the name of a chess opening move documented back in 1490. This miniseries is the brainchild of Allan Scott and Scott Frank. It is a fiction based on an orphan named Beth Harmon. She is portrayed as an orphan chess prodigy and takes us through her journey from learning chess in the 1950s to what she goes on to achieve later. The story propagates excellently where she starts showing her brilliance on the checkerboard. Her quest of becoming the best chess player in the world by defeating all odds is truly motivating

She has got some childhood issues and is suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse. The story focuses on contemporary Lexington, Kentucky. With her mother’s death, she ends up in an orphanage run by Helen Deardoff. She makes a friend, a few years older than her, named Jolene. The custodian of the orphanage, Mr. Shaibel then teaches her to play chess, thereby beginning her fascinating journey into the world of rooks and kings

Her life takes a turn when she gets adopted by the Wheatley family residing in Lexington. She then begins her journey into the real world of chess with a tournament which brings her in contact with several contemporaries. Her beautiful career begins with a stupendous success in a competition. Her drawbacks, struggles, and challenges are portrayed excellently in this drama. It is her fight with herself to become the queen of the chess world that has been perfectly envisioned and portrayed by the creator.

Learning Chess

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