How to Play Chess if you Can’t Find an Opponent

If you are new to this sport, you might want to join online chess games. Not only is this more convenient but it’s also a cheaper way to study chess and a safer way in these days of social distancing.

Play against the computer

If you don’t have anyone to play with, then try winning against a computer. You can set the difficulty of the game based on your current skill level. Stuck on a move? Then undo the previous move and think of another way to attack or defend. It’s also okay to use a hint. For many players looking for online chess for beginners, playing against a computer helps boost their confidence until they are ready to play against human opponents.

Play against a human opponent virtually

Over-the-board chess is still the best way to practice and master basic moves and strategies. But if you can’t go out and meet with your opponent face-to-face, then online chess for beginners won’t be a bad choice. Today, it’s possible to play against a human opponent in real-time. Register to a chess platform, and you will meet various beginner students or players you can practice with.

Join online tournaments

Some chess learning software also offers online tournaments for students enrolled in the class. This is another effective way to test your level and apply what you have learned in your lessons. You can find and play chess games with anyone from any part of the globe who are also on your level. To make it realistic and interactive, some online chess learning software also has speaker and camera features.

Learn from qualified instructors

The best online chess platforms for beginners are online schools. Unlike apps and software that provide all the details and explanations of every beginner topic, they offer interactive and engaging learning with their top chess instructors. They will be your coaches who can chat when you have to clarify concepts that you don’t understand. They analyze your progress and point you to areas that need improvement so you can accelerate faster.