3 Essential Chess Tactics Every Player Should Master Using a Trainer

Chess is a strategy game and is perhaps one of the very few sports that require skill and mental strength more than physical prowess. A chess tactics training program can help you improve your game immensely by teaching you essential strategies that can help you outsmart your opponent. Your chess tactics trainer can help you master the following:


A pin happens in chess when an attacking piece threatens a more valuable piece behind it, effectively immobilizing the first piece because moving it would expose the more valuable one to capture. This technique focuses on limiting your opponent’s mobility and can set up beneficial exchanges for you. By mastering the use of pins, you’re essentially learning how to control the flow of the game by dictating the movement of your opponent’s pieces.

Discovered attack:

In chess, a discovered attack occurs when you move one piece out of the way to reveal an attack by another piece. This strategy can be particularly surprising to your opponent, leading to the capture of valuable pieces or a significant advantage in positioning. A chess tactics trainer will emphasize the importance of strategic placement so you can execute discovered attacks effectively, demonstrating how critical it is to think about the entire board and the potential of every piece.


A fork is a move in chess that attacks two or more pieces at the same time, causing your opponent to lose one of them regardless of which piece they decide to save. It’s an effective tactic for gaining material and can put immense pressure on your opponent, leading to miscalculations and mistakes.

Learning chess strategies and moves can greatly improve your gameplay. With our chess tactics trainer, you’ll not only strengthen your skills but also gain a deeper understanding of the game. Call iChessU at 1-800-342-0645 today.